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By guest, Mar 6 2019 03:58PM

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Yes I'm a fan! Traditional Mexican food, family owned, fresh and not your typical dishes served in most Mexican food restaurants. The seafood soup is incredible! Ceviche is very good and if you think you like turkey, try their turkey tails! OMG, turkey legs will never do after you try the tails. The atmosphere is definitely "working mans" place. Nothing special at all about the atmosphere. It's basic. If you want to sit at a table or booth, there are tables and booths to sit at. If you are there to eat, leave full, and/or try something new, you will be satisfied.


Service is quick and friendly. For the best price, go during the week. Same foods all week long, but price goes up on weekends.


They also offer "to-go" and catering.

--Paul S


Customer's  Reviews

In this country, there is Mexican food for the American palate, and then there is Mexican food for the Mexican palate. This place is clearly the latter, and is freaking awesome. I have traveled all over Mexico, and the food here brings back so many gustatorial memories it is unreal. The fact that all these great flavors are available in a buffet makes the experience even more incredible.


Plus, the last time we visited there was an off duty Mariachi band sitting next to us. The only thing that would have made our dinner better was if they played a rendition of "Guadalajara" at our table, but I suppose Mariachis gotta eat too...

--Brain K

Eating at this buffet my first time was incredible and I'm sure it will be the next time and the next. I think there really were 50 dishes to choose from, nearly all of them being authentic like your Mexican grandmother would make at home. Menudo, posole with traditional toppings, beef caldo, chicken caldo, four types of tamales, smothered tamales, and green chile pork were just a few dishes.


What else is incredible regarding this place is the number of low ratings. If you're not comfortable with eating in a large room full of people in "not the best neighborhood" don't eat here. The tables weren't too close, it was just packed at Sunday at 5 pm and there was full staff serving and replenishing dishes constantly too.


The service was very good. Did they take away every dish immediately no but they weren't stacked until the very end. Our server came by frequently to check we had everything we needed. Another one was even so kind as to offer me a sample of their tamarind drink after I asked what it was.


The main star for five stars was the delicious food. I had to get the chicharrones in a red chile sauce. Actually went back for a third plate after dessert. It was the best I've had and I've ordered that dish at legit Mexican restaurants in California. The spice level was perfect for me and I like spicy. Similarly I got seconds of the green chile pork with rice and beans.


Tamale masa could be more tender and the chicken caldo tasted a little strong of knorr, but I would eat both again. The caldo was actually really good with large chunks of cabbage, squash, corn on the cob, carrots, and potato the way it should be.


The tamarind drink was good and next time I'll be sure to order jamaica or horchata.


If you like real Mexican food and want to have more than one dish, this is the place.

--Ashley E

Wow, what a joy of a restaurant. The idea of a Mexican Buffet is a bit daunting because I always imagined it being plates and plates of rice and beans. Guadalajara has incredibly diverse options so you can literally get a feel for all types of Mexican food. This is not Casa Bonita, this is truely authentic - even more than most taquerias around the area.


First, I must mention the soup  options are all on point caldo de res, menudo, pezole - it's all there and it's all good. There are multiple tamale options and these are decent for a buffet. Tacos are similar to Jack in The Box if you're planning to go with someone who is afraid of authentic Mexican food.


Oh and did I mention there's a horchata fountain? Incredible.

--Greg W